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Sometimes the biggest impact is making a small one.

As a business, we embrace our responsibility to be good stewards of our planet. To that end, our state-of-the-art headquarter facility is Silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

LEED is an internationally recognized, third party validation system of certification for many buildings. It measures and evaluates design, construction, operation and maintenance solutions. Buildings are evaluated on seven categories:

  • Sustainable Sites (SS),
  • Water Efficiency (WE),
  • Energy and Atmosphere (EA),
  • Materials and Resources (MR),
  • Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ),
  • Innovation in Design (ID) and
  • Regional Priority (RP).

Within each category are subcategories. Points are awarded for meeting the criteria set forth in each subcategory. Projects with between 40 and 49 points are considered certified. AMD has been awarded for receiving over 50 points.