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Q2 Promotion April 1 - June 30, 2018 - Physician Specialty Instruments


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Miltex #AMD #Description
30-55 999109551 Pederson Vaginal Speculum, narrow blades, medium size, ⅞"x4"
30-6000 999141096 Disposable Uterine Sound, 9¾", single use, 25/box
301442WL 999185032 Tischler Biopsy Forcep w/lock, 9¼" 7x3mm bite
301443WL 999188453 Burke (Modified Baby Tischler) Biopsy Forcep w/lock, 7¾", 5x3mm bite
301462WL 999196435 Baby Tischler Biopsy Forcep w/lock, 7¾" 4x2.3mm bite
Family Practice
Miltex #AMD #Description
5-304 999109972 Iris Scissors, 4½", straight
5-1000 999014012 Bandage and Utility Scissors, 7½", needle destroyer, serrated blade
6-118 999019341 Adson Dressing Forceps, 4¾", delicate, serrated
6-120 999110093 Adson Tissue Forceps, 4¾", 1x2 teeth, delicate
8-6 999110410 Webster Needle Holder, 5", smooth jaws, delicate
Miltex #AMD #Description
5-302 999013688 Iris Scissors, 4", curved
5-SC-283 999110060 Metzenbaum Scissors, 4½", straight, delicate, SuperCut
8-7 999110419 Webster Needle Holder, 4¾", smooth jaws, extra delicate
9-100 999110449 Spencer Stitch Scissors, 3½", delicate
9-101 999110450 Shortbent Stitch Scissors, 3½", curved, delicate



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Offer valid 04/01/18 - 06/30/18 in the USA for end-users only and does not apply to government, institutional or dealer stocking orders. By participating in this offer, Customer agrees, as applicable, to properly disclose the discounts or reductions in price in the costs claimed or charges made under any federal or state health care program which provides cost or charge based reimbursement to Customer for the items covered under this offer. Promotion void if a copy of the invoice is not included with promotion redemption request. Offers cannot be combined unless invoice totals meet promotion criteria.
All Redemption requests must be submitted within 30 days of expiration of offer. Please allow 4-6 weeks for goods to be delivered.


* Redeemed goods must be of equal or lesser value of lowest priced purchased item.

* Redemption invoices subject to verification by Integra Miltex.

* Buy/Get promotion applies only to Integra Miltex products advertised unless otherwise noted.