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AMD Rebrand Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why is American Medical Depot rebranding?

A. Establishing a more unified visual identity for American Medical Depot will strengthen its ability to gain greater recognition and develop stronger business relationships in a landscape that already considers American Medical Depot to be a national leader in delivering healthcare solutions.

Q. What impact will the American Medical Depot rebrand have on its customers?

A.Operationally, nothing will change for American Medical Depot customers – the same state-of-the-art technology, services and representation will be available.

Q. Were you acquired by another company?

A. We have not been acquired. American Medical Depot has the same great team of leaders that our customers have come to know and trust. We have even strengthened our online presence to continue providing you with the very best products and services available in healthcare distribution.

Q. What are the benefits of the rebrand to American Medical Depot customers?

A. There will be a host of benefits to American Medical Depot customers as a result of the rebrand. These include the introduction of new product and service innovations, technologies and marketing initiatives previously unavailable.

Q. Will American Medical Depot customers still have access to the same representatives?

A. Absolutely. Customers will still have access to the same American Medical Depot account representatives, who will be happy to respond to all their account needs.

Q. Will American Medical Depot’s logo and branding change?

A.Yes. All American Medical Depot’s branding will change to ‘AMD’ in July 2014. This includes American Medical Depot’s website, all marketing collateral, logos, products and services.

Q. What are you trying to communicate through the new brand?

A. We've changed our look on the outside to reflect the progress we've made on the inside.Our new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what our original mark stands for while simultaneously moving the brand forward. Our new image presents a better reflection of solutions and the great products and services we provide. We've worked hard to remain an industry leader.

Q. When will the rebrand occur?

A. The rebrand from American Medical Depot to AMD will occur gradually over the next few months.

Key milestones during this period are as follows:

Phase One

July 2014

  • American Medical Depot announces its rebrand to its staff, before advising customers, vendor partners and the media
  • American Medical Depot is rebranded ‘AMD’. The company’s website, all its marketing collateral, logos, products and services will be rebranded AMD
  • American Medical Depot’s website will change from and to
  • American Medical Depot staff email addresses will change from to
  • All other staff contact details will remain the same (i.e., contact telephone and facsimile numbers, as well as office locations).
  • Staff will refer to American Medical Depot as ‘AMD’ in all their communications with customers and relevant stakeholders. Staff email signatures and business cards will be rebranded AMD.

Phase Two

October 2014

  • American Medical Depot fully transitions to ‘AMD’ branding.

Q. Why isn’t American Medical Depot rebranding to AMD immediately?

A.American Medical Depot has decided to gradually transition the American Medical Depot brand to AMD in order to ensure that its new and existing customers and staff are afforded ample time to comfortably adjust to the rebrand before a complete transition is made to AMD branding.

Q. Does the new e-commerce website include quick carts?

A. Yes, the new e-commerce website will include a product catalog, integrated shopping cart, secure checkout and online order management.

Q. Will my logins be the same?

A. Yes, your account will remain the same. Just go to the Sign In button of the new website in the upper navigation menu. Then enter in the login information for your account.

Q. Will I still receive order confirmations?

A. Yes, once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number and the details of your purchase.

Q. Can I create reports online?

A. No, you will not be able to create reports online. However, users are now able to retrieve and view data such as open orders and statements.

Q. If I don’t find an item on the website can I still request it on my order by providing item number and description as I do now?

A.Yes, just like you are used to! Just follow the same process as before by entering the item details in the website’s comment section during the checkout process.

Q. Will I be able to see my back orders on the website and get status on them?

A.You will receive an overall status on your order such as processing, shipping or complete.

Q. Will my quick cart transfer to the new website or will I need to create a new one?

A.Yes, your quick cart will transfer to the new website.

Q. Will I be able to view my returns and their status on the website for an order I placed online?

A.Customer returns will be routed through your inside sales representative to provide you with personalized service.

Q. Will I be able to change my login information and password on the website if I need to?

A.Yes, you are able to change your login information anytime.

Q. Will I still go to or will there be new address for the website?

A.Our new address is However, if you were to visit our address you will be automatically re-directed to the new website.

Q. Is my credit card information safe?

A.Our credit card system uses a high level of encryption when processing your credit card payment. Your credit card information is only used to authorize your purchase and it is never stored or transmitted outside our website.

Q. How does PayPal process my payments?

A.Paypal is the leading online payment processor for both retail and e-commerce. If you select to pay via Paypal you will be re-directed to the PayPal payment screen where you will have the choice of using one of the many methods of payments available thru this processor which include credit card, direct debit and e-check. Please keep in mind that you will need to have an established account with PayPal to process payments using this method. You can register at

Q. What is Bill Me Later?

A.Our Bill Me Later option is designed to service AMD customers who have an AMD account with credit terms setup. This option allows you to check out without using PayPal or a credit card. If you are interested in establishing an AMD account and receiving credit terms, please visit the following link and select the option ‘Sign Me Up for an AMD Account’. The credit application will also need to be completed and submitted to us in order to process your request.

Q. Can I purchase from AMD without having an established account?

A.Yes, you have the option to check out as a guest or registering without creating an AMD account.

Q. Why do my images on the site appear blocked during browsing?

A.Our product and category images are stored on a secure cloud storage solution thru Amazon. The firewall within your network might be blocking the access to the Amazon site required to display the images. Please contact your network administrator to create an allowance within your firewall to the following website

Q. Why would I need to create a sub-user account?

A.The sub-user accounts are only applicable to organizations that have multiple purchasers and require control over items being ordered. Every order entered as a sub-user will require approval by the parent account the sub-user belongs to.

Q. Do I need a username to login or can I use the email address I used during registration?

A.As a courtesy to our customers with existing accounts, we have allowed the use of their existing user name from However, any new customers registering on the site will be required to use their email address to login.

Q. Why is my search result limited when I use plural endings?

A.Please use singular ending to get the most out of your search results.

Q. Why do I see a message saying my browser may be out of date?

A.This message informs you that your browser may not be compatible with and web pages will not display to their full potential. There is a large list of browsers you can use.

Follow these links to update any browser you’d like: